Why Auctions?

One of the main struggles in the real estate market is the confusion around the 'bidding wars'.

Buyers don't know what to offer, and sellers are not always looking at offers with identical terms. We have experienced first-hand the frustration of buyers who will avoid properties with 'offer dates', or offer lower than their true limit because of the expectation of 'games'.

An open and transparent auction means that prospective buyers always know what the high bid is, and in turn can confidently put their best numbers forward knowing that they aren't overpaying, but also ensuring their best offer is submitted.

The auctions have only one variable - price. Everything else is predetermined and disclosed so buyers are confident in the property, and sellers know that the deal will close immediately once the auction is over - as long as the reserve price is reached.

Many listings in Ontario are auctions already - they are just silent. By showing the leading price, all potential buyers stay involved, and sellers can ensure they get the best price for their property.

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