We make the buying process as transparent and as fair as possible.  By providing buyers with all of the information up front, buyers are empowered to make a more informed and confident buying decision.



  • Transparency instills complete trust in the real estate process.
  • More Control provides buyers with the ability to choose to participate in an auction or bid higher without the fear of missing out.
  • Accessibility allows buyers the flexibility to bid from any location - whether from work, home, vacation or anywhere in between.
  • Innovative technology gives buyers the confidence that they are working within a secure platform that protects their identify and information.


  • See the home by contacting your real estate agent for a viewing.
  • Get more information on our site about the home and auction process.
  • Register to bid to prepare yourself for auction day.
  • Bid on the property on the set auction day or simply watch to see where the bidding gets to determine if you want to move forward with your own bid.
  • Auction ends when every bidder has had an opportunity to place their highest bid. The winning bidder and their agent are then contacted to finalize the paperwork.