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Real Estate Blind Bidding

What an end to non-transparent bidding for real estate could look like

CBC News

Critics of a practice in which buyers bid for real estate without knowing the size of competing offers are pushing for what they say are viable alternatives that could create a better system for both sellers and buyers...


Daniel & Katie Steinfeld

Real estate auctions catching on in Ontario as calls for transparency, end to blind bidding grow

Toronto Star

Bev Holt hates the cutthroat competition that comes with the blind-bidding of the Toronto-area real estate market. So when she was preparing to sell her Burlington semi last year, Holt was receptive to her real estate...


Property on auction

A new way of buying a house comes to Kingston


A Kingston realtor is trying a new model to sell houses in the area. Jessica Hellard has teamed up with On the Block Realty to offer a home to interested buyers through an auction. The property, located on Davis...


The Auctions

Transparent Real Estate Auctions Are Catching On

Globe Newswire

Offer dates and bidding wars continue to be one of the common ways many GTA buyers purchase a home or condo in this competitive real estate market. The movement to provide a more transparent, fair and certain process to...


Foreign Buyer Tax Ontario

Will Canada's Blind Bidding Ban Actually Happen? The Industry Isn't Sure


The government of Canada is looking to implement a ban on blind bidding, but industry professionals aren't so sure it will ever come to fruition. The proposed ban, announced earlier this month as part of the 2022 Federal...


Sumas Powerhouse

Online real estate auctions try to shake up sales with novel approach

CTV News

An online auction for a luxury home in Abbotsford, B.C., is drawing attention for its novel approach, which some observers say has potential to inspire new sales even if it doesn't have any notable impact on the housing...


Housing Study

Transparent real estate bidding process benefits everyone, says OREA

CBC News

When Vanessa Witkowski and her husband were tasked with selling his grandmother's home, they both knew they didn't want to do it the traditional way. What they wanted was to have a more transparent process and to avoid...



Why OREA and others believe an open bidding process is a better way to buy and sell real estate

Financial Post

A more open process can lead to more informed buyers, but can also benefit sellers by bringing in more househunters who shy away from bidding wars. What they wanted was to have a more transparent process and to avoid...